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One Year Later

A year, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours. They all account for the same amount of time. Much has happened in the year/weeks/days/hours since publishing my previous blog post last October. And at the same time, stillness happened. I've come here to share, but be warned you might encounter muscle analogies because who can resist those?

An idea wandered into my mind ten or so months ago, and promptly stomped to the forefront, banging on the inside of my skull until I finally listened. So, in February, I found myself in a classroom once again to discover more about...muscles! This time, focused on the human end of the leash. Although muscle is muscle.

In full disclosure, I emphasized emphatically (to myself mostly) that I would stick to working on dogs, and maybe horses someday, but never people. The phrase "never say never" seems appropriate here.

The past eight months gave me the answer to my purpose here in this world. It reiterated why I swapped sitting behind a keyboard for standing beside a massage table with a dog and working alongside a person to help heal their tension. I am weeks or days or maybe even hours away from receiving my license to work on people. 40-50 hours of class and homework per week just a memory.

The school part of my year, this was a full on bicep curl. I could feel the muscle contracting with each heave of my metaphorical weight (classwork). And on the other hand, have y'all heard about isometric contractions? Picture holding a grocery bag for example. Your muscle is working, but not changing lengths, your arm is in a fixed position. I felt as if I'm holding boulders in place, not moving backward, not moving forward. Isometric. I held the weight up of running a business on the side, with little time to dedicate to it. I'm overjoyed to pour my heart and soul into it as we near the end of 2017 and welcome 2018.

The next few months will bring changes to Kinected Canine. Yes, I'll still be working on dog clients, that likely won't ever change (the use of 'never' seems to jinx things). Set hours, new session structure, more educational materials online and at the office, and massage for people, are among those changes/additions.

Keep your eye out for more to come. Follow Kinected Canine on Facebook as there I'll share articles and updates I interpret as relevant to our sport dogs.

I started this journey because of my participation in dog sports with my dogs. I will always find joy in watching a connected human and dog team, and I am thrilled I will soon have services that address both ends of the leash.

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