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About Kinected Canine

Kinected Canine serves the Pacific Northwest with canine bodywork services targeted toward the canine athlete. Kinected Canine Owner Malee Powell, licensed human and canine massage therapist, stumbled across the idea of canine massage when one of her own agility dogs suffered a mild soft tissue injury. She became fascinated by soft tissue structures and how they work as a whole within other body systems. Since then, Malee went to school for canine massage followed by human massage. She has spent the past five years with her hands on a variety of tissue in both species, with her focus being on medical and treatment type work. Most recently, she became interested in chronic pain and how it plays into soft tissue health, and vice versa. 


Our Mission
To maximize efficiency of movement, prevent injury and encourage longevity in the canine athlete, as well as create accessible learning opportunities for owners. 







Our Pledge


Here at Kinected Canine, we strive to create an environment of safety and trust so each dog can receive a soothing and healing experience. We look at the whole dog, and want to help your dog be physically & mentally prepared to tackle their active life as best they can. 

Massage is not a subsitute for veterinary care. Consult your veterinarian with questions, advice and diagnosis regarding specific health concerns. 
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