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Below you'll discover many ways Kinected Canine can help your dog reach their full athletic potential! Feel free to contact us with any questions. Owner Malee Powell is in constant pursuit of new knowledge, so keep checking back as new and exciting options are added. 

Sports Massage Session

What: In a sports massage session, Malee will assess movement and palpate your dog's entire body, identify priorities and perform appropriate massage techniques based on findings. She will also provide support for at-home plans.


 Where: Kinected Canine can be found at dog sport trials in primarily Washington State. If you would like a massage therapist with five years of intensive experience to work your event, contact us.


How long: Approximately 30 minutes.  

Cost: $55 per one session

Canine massage therapists can work with your dog's muscles to enhance their overall wellbeing, and relieve pain caused by a sore muscle. Massage is not a substitute for veterinary care. 
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